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A picture is worth a thousand words. We have prepared some select photos for you as references. You can see pictures here or on our Facebook age, or here We believe a lot of satisfied young girls and boys give the best answer to the question: “Do we offer good service?” We will come again and again! 

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German press references


Dippoldiswalde middle school
Dippoldiswalde middle school  has continued its traditional school ski trips for many years and its students repeatedly come again to enjoy their sport lessons.
30th January 2009


Funny times in the Krkonoše mountain
A group of 23 students from a Dippoldiswalde school enjoyed the sports course at the Rokytnice nad Jizerou ski resort. It was an unforgettable weekend.
7th February 2008


Winter entertainment under the spring sun in the Giant Mountains (Krkonoše)
High in the Giant Mountains, we found enough snow, sun, and blue sky. With some groups divided via skill, we train people in skiing and snowboarding.
4th April 2007


No fear of downhill skiing
In January we spent a week for a school ski trip at the Rokytnice nad Jizerou ski resort in the Giant Mountains (Krkonoše). We really looked forward to this trip.
8th March 2006

School ski trip in 2006 in Rokytnice nad Jizerou – Giant Mountains (Krkonoše)
We all met at a bus station in Dippoldiswalde, where our bus  was already waiting…
School news 2006
A day of sports in Rokytnice nad Jizerou – Giant Mountains (Krkonoše)
We tried cross-mountaineering, snowboarding, and tested out our skills and talent.
8th January 2005


Sports in the snow
Students of a class of 8 from Dipps middle school practicing cross-mountaineering and snowboarding.
28th January 2004


Do you want a school full of entertainment?
People enjoying a few days of entertainment and winter happiness at the end of their trip in Rokytnice nad Jizerou.
7th January 2003


Winter wassail – students of a Dippser school ski trip
From 15th to 22nd of December 8th, a class of middle school students from Dippoldiswalde enjoyed the snow in the Giant Mountains (Kronoše). After 4 hours on a bus, they finally arrived in Rokytnice nad Jizerou.
Saxony newspaper – 12th January 2002

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