Sportovní škola – Sportschule – School of Sports

Our team

Our team consists of sport specialists, who have taught for a long time, and their services are sought by the general public for skiing, snowboarding, and golf lessons, as well as canoe school activites.

Let us introduce some of our best instructors:

Mgr. Petr Špalek

In 1991, he graduated college with a degree in sports and teaching from FTVS Prague. After his study, he sought to teach sport activities such as, skiing, and snowboarding. He has been offering golf lessons for the last 12 years as well. His favorite sport is windsurfing. He is the founder of our ski school and gives strongly support to rest of the team. He likes the Malevil golf course and the Sázava river. He doesn’t like cooking.

Honza Vítovec

Nobody knows his age. Bad tempered people say, he is 40 years old. His studies gave him a strong foundation and he can speak English and German. He has an accent like a native resident of Saxony or an American from New York. His expertise of his field is excellent. He is more than capable to teach elementary and experienced riders whether they ride skis or snowboards.

Romana Turečková

Don´t hesitate to let her take care of your child, she is really our skiing mother. Although she comes from Brno her heart is part of the north. She speaks excellent German and English. She loves teaching elementary riders. She is specialized in skiing.

Zdenek Erlebach

A native mountaineer and man from Rokytnice. He was born with skis bound to his feet. He speaks German and Polish. He loves to teach experienced riders due to being an active racer nowadays and he always gets a medal.

Honza Fajgl

He prefers skiing and his strongest ability is that he can teach even the worst “dunce” how to ski. He loves to ride in deep fresh snow and open spaces in ski mountaineering. He truly is a mountaineer and he isn´t afraid of any challenge.

Ondra Malaník

An experienced ski and snowboard rider as well as canoe rider, Ondřej feels comfortable in snow and water.  He speaks English and German very well. He is always smiling and his lessons are well managed. He can teach both elementary and experienced riders. Ski mountaineering come easy to him.

Jirka Macek

An unstoppable snowboard rider who isn’t afraid to take on experienced snowboard riders no mater how difficult the terrain. He speaks German very well. His study at Hradec Králové is the foundation of his high quality teaching. Fresh soft snow is his second home.


Lída is a very experienced snowboard rider. With her excellent technique, and perfect German, she has gained respect from elementary and experienced snowboard riders. She can easily deal with riders of all ages. During her free time she climbs hills and enjoys riding her board to the fullest.

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